Service Policy:

                             Tropical Pool Services is not responsible for water levels. 

                             Damages to equipment can result from not maintaining proper water levels.

                              Solar/Bubble covers to be removed for service.

                             Swimming pool equipment should run for the proper amount of time to effectively clean the water.        

                             The entire body of water must be filtered once every 24 hours.        

                             To achieve this, the number of gallons circulated per minute, will determine the length

                             of time to filter the water and run the equipment. Generally 8 hours per day.

                             Commercial pools must run for entire time swimming pool is open for guests.

                               In case of rain, pool/spa will be serviced on the normal schedule.

                               A "prevent" or rainy day service includes; chemical balance, equipment check and basket clean/dump.

                               Vacation and sick days. Tropical Pools reserves the right to take 2 weeks vacation and 2 sick days per year.

                                The monthly charge for service is based on 4 weeks per month, 4 months have 5 weeks. Thus 4 flex weeks.

                               Spa Water Service: *Spa water should be drained and refilled every six months.   Drain water. 

                              clean and scrub inside surface. Clean filters. Fill with and balance chemistry of the water. 

                                Tropical Pools reserves the right to charge fees for late payment. After 30 days net,  $15 or %10 of the overdue

                                invoice, which ever is higher, may be charged on the next billing cycle.

                                *Please call to make any special arrangements.