Tropical Pool Services offers Salt Chlorine Generators.


Salt Water Chlorinators are the fast growing segment of the swimming pool industry.  This is because of the great water quality they produce,  as well not making that trip to the Pool Store for Chlorine or not having to store chlorine.  No more green hair or red eyes.  No more chorine smell. No more skyrocketing chlorine costs.  They are great for Swimming Pools, Spa, Hot tubs and even fountains.  Let your family enjoy the luxurious water with a smooth silky feeling.  Once you swim in a Salt water chlorinated Pool you will never go back to traditional chlorine.

Currently we are offering great savings on all installed Aqua Pure Chlorine Generators. Call for details. *Some restrictions may apply.


Step 1: Just add salt (only 3000 parts per million)
Step 2: Turn on the AquaPure
  As the salt in the water passes through a AquaPure cell, it converts to sodium hypochlorite where it continuously shocks out chloramines and organics while maintaining the desired sanitizer level in the pool water
Step 3: Sit back & relax
  AquaPure is a closed loop system. There is no need to continually add chemicals. Once sanitization takes place, the sodium hypochlorite changes to salt and is used over and over again.


High Performance Electrolytic Cell is long lasting, made of solid titanium plates and coated with precious metals.

Self cleaning with automatic reversing cycles.

Unique, tri-sensor detects water flow, temperature and true salinity.

Precision Adjustment to increase or decrease production of chlorine.

Automatically "super chlorinates" water on a continuous basis.

Boost mode for increased pool usage.

LCD displays level of chlorine production, salinity, temperature, water flow, cell modes and service codes.

Advanced self diagnostics with audible alarm and service indicator.

In-home control when interfaced with an AquaLink RS.

Size: For pools greater than 15,000 Gallons.

Input: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 amps/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.75 amps.

Output: 22-30 vdc @ 6 amps maximum.

Chlorine: 1.25 Lbs per 24 hour (567 gm / 24 Hr.